This Life

I live an extremely busy life. If I didn’t stay organized everything and everyone would fall apart. I work 60 hours a week, have a sewing business, a candle business and I home school my children. How do I do this? It sounds impossible right? I run my life on  written schedules and so does everyone else in the house. I have a daily docket that I keep on me at all times that is for my personal use. My children have a schedule on the fridge for home schedules and one in their binder for school. I have a cleaning schedule that spreads the cleaning, shopping and laundry out over  a five day span so nothing ever gets forgotten and everything stays clean and organized except the kids room and they are well….boys.

I have a budget that I use weekly as well. I plan my meals in 3 day intervals. I plan any outings even down to our bike rides in the park. I schedule time for myself and encourage everyone in the house to do the same. Once a week a sew 3 or 4 outfits that takes  6 hours and make 70 candles in 5 hours. I even schedule and plan my blogging times and subjects. It sounds very constricting but it has brought us freedom because we dont spend time finding things or heavy cleaning.

If you would like my Easy Peasy Daily Life Planner email me @ simple

Home Schooling Record Keeping

I never imagined so much goes into homeschooling. I spend lots of time going over grade appropriate materials, grading, attendance records, daily tasks, just planning in general. But I love the fact that my children are learning in a safe, stress free environment learning what they need to learn . I started on this journey not sure about how well we would handle it. But it turns out we are pretty good at it.

I don’t have a lot of trouble getting them started or staying on task. They are really involved and eager to learn. I think we are getting the hang of this.. Here are some essentials for our homeschool… Excuse the handwriting but my dominant hand was crushed in a horseback riding accident… I kinda suck writing.. lol… Yes I could type but I need to feel the pen in my hand even though it looks rough. These forms cannot be copied please.. not that you would want to but just as a precaution. Just some ideas that some of you new homeschoolers could use. Hope this helps.. See how happy they are even in the morning … well the tween sits up too late… sometimes..14047360_1032093483577700_7299039481283564717_o