All That I Know… All That I Want

I sit quietly at night after the house is still and dimly lit and I exhale after the long fast paced day has gone to night… and I count my blessings… I am so grateful to God and all he has given to me. If measured by man they would consider it few but as I see it I consider my blessings to be wonderful and bountiful. This is all that I know and all that I want. This small space that is my home and call it my own… these tiny humans God has trusted me to grow, teach and nurture… a man that calls me queen and a boss that depends on me to save lives as a nurse when needed and a family whom I was born to. This is all that I want… and I want all that I have. Living in the moment and want what you have … But that is just advice from me to you the things that have satisfied my soul may not satisfy yours..

This Life

I live an extremely busy life. If I didn’t stay organized everything and everyone would fall apart. I work 60 hours a week, have a sewing business, a candle business and I home school my children. How do I do this? It sounds impossible right? I run my life on  written schedules and so does everyone else in the house. I have a daily docket that I keep on me at all times that is for my personal use. My children have a schedule on the fridge for home schedules and one in their binder for school. I have a cleaning schedule that spreads the cleaning, shopping and laundry out over  a five day span so nothing ever gets forgotten and everything stays clean and organized except the kids room and they are well….boys.

I have a budget that I use weekly as well. I plan my meals in 3 day intervals. I plan any outings even down to our bike rides in the park. I schedule time for myself and encourage everyone in the house to do the same. Once a week a sew 3 or 4 outfits that takes  6 hours and make 70 candles in 5 hours. I even schedule and plan my blogging times and subjects. It sounds very constricting but it has brought us freedom because we dont spend time finding things or heavy cleaning.

If you would like my Easy Peasy Daily Life Planner email me @ simple

My Simply Mommy’s Clothing Collection Is Starting To Take Form…

I am so excited to share that I am starting a childrens Collection of  Hand made clothing. It is going .. slowly but going. I have about 20 outfits started and multiple collections for Spring/Summer 2017.  Im not going main stream.. just a small business venture of me making clothing. I am too excited given the rate of failure in this industry. But I am too optimistic to give up without a fight.

I love to sew. I always have so why not at least try. I am pretty good at it too.. So follow my journey…


Welcome to Simply Mommy’s Kitchen


This is my kitchen, yes kind of small I will admit but I like it like that. As you can see I have been canning… a lot. I have canned so much in the last month not sure I want to do it again for a while.. lol. But on the subject of canning it’s not as hard as it seems. Once you have the recipes, have the items prepared it is pretty simple. Now the quantity to can for your family that is a little tricky. So I use a simple method to calculate what we might consume in a 1 year span. The idea is to use all of our garden supply until the next years come in. Now I by no stretch use everything from our garden I don’t grow everything we need so I buy from the local farmers’ markets in our area so we can support our community. I go through my menus from the previous year. Yes I do meal planning and menu’s it just works better for me. Then I try to can to fit that. I have gotten around to canning around 160 jars of various items.


I’m going to be honest, I don’t like canning with a pressure cooker. There I said it I prefer a water bath any day, so I do purposely avoid canning anything that has to be pressure cooked. I do however can items that I end up using a pressure cooker on. I do jams and jelly’s , Pie fillings, salsa’s, Mexican sauces for homemade Mexican dishes, Italian sauces for Italian dishes, green tomatoes for fried green tomatoes, cucumbers with dill and just plain so you can season with what ever you might want, Tomato juice with a twist, I can plain tomato juice as well as a spicy tomato juice , and an Italian with basil, rosemary, and garlic. I do have to say I have a salsa verde recipe that is very amazing. The recipe’s I use are handed down to me by my grandmother and the Latin recipes I use are handed down from my son’s grandmother all of them are very old. They are truly amazing. I do have several of my own.

One canning tip acidic water bath… all others pressure cook. I learned this the hard way. So first thing in canning… Wash vegi’s, wash jars and sterilize, water bath, and your done. Typical water bath is between 15-30 min. .  I use any and all  modern kitchen appliances  food processor, any chopping and juicers,   to make my canning experience as enjoyable and painless as possible. I use canning tongs for the jars and a funnel. I use only… and I do mean only natural products in my canning…  natural preservatives are salt, sugar, vinegar,  garlic, and oils. Now I know what the new canning recommendations are and I in no way agree with the majority of them. Due to the fact that I have been canning for 20 plus years and I still use the old methods and always will you simply must get the temperatures high enough to kill spores and that’s that. I really hate when people use store-bought mixes, preservatives, and most people when they can food you open it and it is tasteless and the textures are lets just say not desirable.. Season as you would if you were cooking the meal… yes you can do that… So enough on canning this time… as the seasonal canning is almost over, but  I will be covering more than jellies and vegis later in my blog. We will talk about canning your soups and other items and how. However  In my next post we will discuss freezing foods. Ok so see yall’ later. So bye now from Simply mommy..